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Onto its smooth white chocolate, Omnom has on grated fresh orange peel, and swirled in a handful of malt, cinnamon and crisp pieces of caramel. The result is a richly spiced bar with a texture that combines creamy chocolate and satisfying crunch. The notes of caramel orange remind of candied peel, while the malt and cinnamon bring to mind speculaas biscuits.

  • Exotic Maker Origin
  • Unique Inclusions
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Intricate Mold

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Weight: 60g
Type: White Chocolate
Maker: Omnom
Maker Location: Iceland
Cocoa Percentage: 38%
Bean Origin: Dominican Republic
Ingredients: Cacao butter, raw cane sugar, Icelandic milk powder, aromatic caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, water, butter, cream, salt, sodium bicarbonate), barley malt extract, salt, sunflower lecithin, orange peel, cinnamon
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