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SOMA Creole Gardens Haiti


SOMA Creole Gardens Haiti

Produits Des Iles SA (PISA) is a new force in Haiti’s north. PISA connects 1,489 organic, small-hold farmers, 476 of whom are women. Training in sustainable farming and post harvesting has resulted in cacao the farmers are proud of. Their motto is “made with love and pride”.

Among Haitian farmers, “Creole gardens” refers to dense tangles of vegetation less than an acre in size, forming mini-forests. Larger trees such as coconut, breadfruit, mangos & avocados tower over the gardens providing shade to the smaller cacao trees, a lush habitat for native animals and food for the farmers.

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Weight 65 g


Type Milk Chocolate
Maker SOMA Chocolatemaker
Maker Location Toronto
Cocoa Percentage 55%
Bean Origin Haiti
Ingredients Cacao nibs, milk powder, organic cane sugar, salt.
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