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If you have a sweet tooth and you’re nutty for almonds, this bar is a must try. There’s the tiniest hint of a tang from the Icelandic fermented milk used to make this bar. The almonds are extraordinarily well cooked and have a texture that provides an excellent contrast to that of the smooth, almost fudgy milk chocolate.

  • Exotic Maker Origin
  • Unique Inclusions
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Intricate Mold
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SKU: OM-001 Category:
Weight: 60g
Type: Milk Chocolate
Maker: Omnom
Maker Location: Iceland
Cocoa Percentage: 45%
Bean Origin: Madagascar
Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter, Icelandic milk powder, organic cacao beans from Madagascar, sea salt, almonds, sunflower lecithin
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