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Firetree Ring of Fire


The remote islands of the southern Pacific and Oceania are part of what is known as ‚”The Ring of Fire” a circle of 452 volcanoes surrounding that ocean. This is where you will discover the Firetree, or cocoa tree, with its flame-hued pods. The firetree thrives on the rich, porous volcanic soil that is found on these islands. It is here and a few other places in the world like the volcanic island of Madagascar, where Firetree sources their cocoa. But the soil is only the beginning of our story…

The firetree chocolate box Ring of Fire includes:

  • Philippines, Mindano Island 73% by Firetree
  • Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 69% by Firetree
  • Papua New Guinea, Karkar Island 72% by Firetree
  • Vanuatu, Malekula Island 72% by Firetree
  • Solomon Islands, Makira, 75% by Firetree

*Please note: Individual bars subject to change based on availability.

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