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Puchero Bundle


Puchero Bundle — Puchero, started as a coffee roaster and then grew to include their passion for making chocolate. The co-founders Paloma and Marco, from Spain and Italy respectively created Puchero in 2015. Their roastery and chocolate factory is in the outskirts of Madrid. Three years later in 2018 inspired by the infinite nuances of cacao from around the world, they started making chocolate from cocoa beans that have been harvested and dried on the farm by small-scale producers.

  • Guatemala 55% With Pasiega Butter by Puchero
  • 75% Philippines Mana by Puchero
  • 84% Tanzania Kokoa Kamili by Puchero
  • 70% Madagascar Nibs Sambirano by Puchero
  • 55% Ecuador Finca Garyth by Puchero

*Please note: Individual bars subject to change based on availability.

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