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Madre de Dios



The lastest addition to the Bonnat Grand Cru d’Exception line, from their own plantations in southeastern Peru. The region of Madre de Dios is part of the Amazon, and is famous for its numerous gold mines.


Always melting and buttered, Madre de Dios is a true full-bodied chocolates. Never excessive bitterness, little acidity too, but a strong temperament and an incredible length in the mouth.


  • Pure Cacao Butter
  • Kosher Chocexchange Pick!
  • Made in France
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SKU: BON-026 Category:
Weight: 100g
Type: Single Origin
Maker: Chocolat Bonnat
Maker Location: France/Voiron
Cocoa Percentage: 75%
Bean Origin: Peru
Ingredients: Cacao beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar
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