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Missouri, USA


Africa is no stranger to geographical diversity. Deserts, mountain ranges and lakes dot almost every surface of the continent, and the landscape of Tanzania, a country on Africa’s southeast border, is no exception. And though many might not think of the country as fertile farming ground, Tanzania’s Mbeya region hosts one of Africa’s finest cocoa bean cooperatives found between Lake Nyasa’s cool waters and the arid East African Rift.


Askinosie handcrafts this single origin 70% dark chocolate with cocoa beans sourced directly from the Mababu region of Tanzania.


A sweet dark chocolate full of fruit. Honey is mixed with blueberries and strawberries giving the bar a summery flavour. Richer, deeper flavours develop, hinting at dark fruits and burnt molasses. Thanks to the addition of a little of Askionsie’s own cocoa butter, the bar has a thick creamy texture, that melts perfectly on the tongue.


Certified Kosher and gluten free.

  • Summery Flavours
  • Unique Origin
  • Certified Kosher
  • Award Winner


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SKU: ASK-004 Category:
Weight: 85g
Type: Single Origin
Maker: Askinosie
Maker Location: Missouri, USA
Cocoa Percentage: 70%
Bean Origin: Tanzania
Ingredients: Mababu Tanzania Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter
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$14.00 CAD
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$14.00 USD