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Kad Kokoa Andaman Blue


Kad Kokoa Andaman Blue chocolate bar is Kad Kokoa’s interpretation of the Blue Spirulina that gives this chocolate its color. The Andaman Sea is famous for its emerald turquoise water, but also for its amazing coconuts, which the local food is highly relying on, and jasmine rice, just as most places in Thailand. This recipe is using these same ingredients, in addition to their cocoa butter, to offer you a most unique white chocolate bar. The Blue Spirulina is one of the oldest super food in the history of humanity.

Made popular by the Aztecs, this algae is packed with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and present the great advantage to be quite mild in its flavour, much more pleasing than its green cousin.

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Additional information

Weight 55 g


Type White Chocolate
Maker Kad Kokoa Chocolate
Maker Location Thailand
Cocoa Percentage /
Bean Origin Thailand
Ingredients Cocoa butter, Organic Sugar, Coconut milk, Blue Spirulina, Toasted rice.
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