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Madre Horchata Golden Chocolate

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Horchata, Dominican Republic 57% new release: This is Madre’s first golden chocolate bar, inspired by the delicious Spanish/Mexican drink horchata made from rice milk, almonds, cinnamon, and vanilla that can be found in most Mexican taquerias. This is still a dairy-free vegan bar like all their others where they have replaced the milk normally found in white chocolate with coconut milk, and jazzed it up with crunchy popped rice & almonds and sweet aromatic true Mexican cinnamon for a bar you will find you can’t stop munching on!

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Additional information

Weight 43 g
Dimensions 6.4 × 4 × 0.2 cm


Type Vegan Milk
Maker Madre Chocolate
Maker Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Cocoa Percentage 44%
Bean Origin Dominican Republic
Ingredients organic Dominican cocoa butter, organic coconut, organic sugar, roasted rice, almonds, organic cinnamon, Mexican whole vanilla
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