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Lonohana Hapalua Hawaiian Dark Milk


50% Lonohana’s dark milk chocolate, pleasing for dark and milk lovers, luscious European style.

In Hawaiian, Hapalua means ‚”half and half‚” or ‚”equal parts” and is the proprietary name for Lonohana’s signature Hawaii-grown Dark Milk.
Used to describe a half moon or commonly shortened to “Hapa” when affectionately describing a person’s multi-heritage background, this is the bar that brings people together.

This 50% dark milk chocolate bar has far more cacao solids than any typical milk bar; to bridge the divide between chocolate lovers who favor dark or milk. It combines deep, rich caramel notes, balanced by delicate floral and fruit undertones, with an everlasting finish.

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Additional information

Weight 65 g


Type Dark Milk Chocolate, Single Origin
Maker Lonohana Chocolate
Maker Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Cocoa Percentage 50%
Bean Origin Hawaï
Ingredients Hawaii-grown cacao, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk powder & organic cocoa butter
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