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Lonohana Coconut Dark Milk


In this dairy-free dark milk chocolate bar, Lonohana uses dehydrated, Hawaii-grown coconut instead of powdered dairy milk (typically found in “milk” chocolate.) All the creamy sweetness that we love in a milk chocolate shines through, just without the dairy.

Vegan 55% dark milk has a much higher percentage of cacao solids than a typical ‘milk’ bar mean this chocolate bar appeals to all – dark lovers and milk lovers alike.

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Additional information

Weight 65 g


Type Dark Milk Chocolate, Vegan Milk
Maker Lonohana Chocolate
Maker Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Cocoa Percentage 55%
Bean Origin Hawaï
Ingredients Cacao, organic cane sugar, dehydrated Hawaii-grown coconut, organic cocoa butter
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