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Chocalypse Now!


Straight from the jungles of Vietnam to your doorstep! Marou’s cacao beans are carefully selected from six different provinces stretching from the Mekong Delta to the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Each of their bars are made from cacao of one province, capturing the character of that terroir. As proponents of Direct Trade, they source cacao directly from family-owned farms and pay farmers a steady price, well above market rates. This ensures that Marou receives their best cacao beans while rewarding farmers for their hard work.

  • Tien Giang “Wallpaper” 80% by Marou
  • Tien Giang Kumquat 68% by Marou
  • Ben Tre Coconut Milk 55% by Marou
  • Ba Ria Ginger & Lime 69% by Marou

*Please note: Individual bars subject to change based on availability.

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