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Caramel 45%

Bogota, Columbia


The central Colombian region of Meta is known for its beautiful landscapes and extraordinary sunrises and sunsets. Located east of the Colombian Andes, Meta is characterised by its vast grassland plains, “Los Llanos”, which extend between the isolated mountain range of Serranía de La Macarena in the south-west and the Eastern Ranges of the Andes to the west. This land of rapid-flowing rivers and dramatic waterfalls, “llanera” music and hard-working cowboys (“llaneros”), is where Tibito sources the best cocoa beans for this chocolate bar.


It has deep red fruit notes of cherry, strawberry and red wine, medium-high acidity, and a silky body.


  • Made in Colombia
  • Inclusion
  • Chocexchange pick

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SKU: TIB-014 Category:
Weight: 80g
Type: Inclusion
Maker: Tibito
Maker Location: Bogota, Columbia
Cocoa Percentage: 45%
Bean Origin: Meta
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, caramel, cocao butter, milk powder
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