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100 Cacao
Our Favorite Chocolate Bars
100 Cacao

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Favorite Chocolate Bars

The following is a selection of our favorite chocolate bars. Yes, at Choc Exchange we have our favorites like everyone else. These are some of the best bean to bar chocolates we have in our selection and the ones we love the most.
Get a taste of Choc Exchange’s Favorites today!

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Chocolate of the Month Club

4-5 premium dark chocolate bars delivered every month. Shipping is free in the USA and Canada. Save up to 25% on the regular monthly price. Join now!

—– Testimonials —–

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • As an avid chocolate lover, I am always looking for the next favorite bar. Since I was gifted a subscription last year, I have discovered so many unique and flavorful chocolates I had never even known about. I specially appreciate the tasting guide that comes in each box which gives me an idea of the story and process that goes into each 100 cacao chocolate bar,
    Marnie S.
  • If we were to rate the taste of these next-level gourmet chocolate bars, they would have no less than 5 out of 5 stars. Our Chocolate Exchange Box is something my wife and I look forward to each month. Thanks so much for satisfying our sweet tooth.
    Candice R.
  • I ordered a subscription for a friend to enjoy during the holidays and months beyond. The craft chocolates tasted great and had lots of variety, especially considering the affordable price-point for these types of gourmet chocolate. These make an excellent gift because not only will you brighten up someone's day but also you'll remind them of what real premium chocolate tastes like.
    Mike W.
  • I have been a Choc Exchange subscriber for almost 9 months now and I must tell you, the quality, the variety and the taste are out of this world. They keep sending new and unique bars every month and my wife devour them. We typically pair them with wine and cheese. So good. I highly recommend Choc Exchange chocolate subscriptions.
    Joaquin M.