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Olive & Sinclair

Nashville, TN

In the fall of 2014 O&S found its home at 1628 Fatherland Street in Nashville, TN.

When presented with the idea of relocating the the factory, we knew that we wanted a building that told a story.  Prior to being the home for Olive & Sinclair, 1628 fatherland Street began in 1890 as an H.G Hill Grocery Store, serving Nashville & the neighborhood for many decades.  The building later continued its life in the food business when it was occupied by Archway Cookie Company.  After an unknown hiatus from the food industry, O&S was excited to begin returning 1628 back to its roots, where we knew our Melanguer from the same era would feel right at home.

Peppered with antiques, the building was gutted and left as bare bones as the FDA would allow. Our Roaster, Tempering units and other machines were laid outand the search began for antiquated pieces that would make it the permanent home.   Upon entering the factory you are greeted by relics peppered throughout the factory reinforcingthe antiquated methodsused in making Southern Artisan chocolate™.   This can be seen in the antique pendent factory lighting, rescued from an old army barrack outside of Atlanta,  the 200-year-old heart pine was used to replace rotted support beams, glass candy cabinet that houses our new line of Chocuterie™, lit by the glow of the vintage EAT neon diner sign we scored out in Virgina.  . This is only a nibble of the rarities and antique musing you will find in and around the O&S FACTORY but you’ll have to come for a TOUR to find out more!

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