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"Pure dark chocolate with a dairy creaminess, like dulce de leche swirled with honey — fun, unusual, easy to like.”

Pete Wells on Nathan Miller’s Peru bar, The New York Times

Nathan Miller


Nathan Miller has been committed to and recognized for his delicious pastry and dessert creations for years before delving into chocolate making.

Nathan apprenticed in Germany and attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. After graduating Nathan worked for some of New York City’s culinary greats such as Jean George (Chef: Jean George), Danube (Chef: David Bouley), & Aureole (Chef: Charlie Palmer) honing his abilities as a pastry and dessert chef. Nathan established Nathan Miller Chocolate in 2010 where his culinary skills, commitment to sustainability, & responsible business practices helped him form the small craft company’s early goals.

In December 2013 Nathan Miller Chocolate relocated to the tiny town of Chambersburg, PA to expand production + open a namesake coffeehouse. Only two years later, in December 2015 Nathan’s 72% Peru bar caught the attention of Pete Wells – the primary restaurant critic for the New York Times – who hailed it as one of the most impressive bars made in the United States!