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“Lonohana’s 14-acre farm on Oahu’s North Shore is the source and inspiration for some of the finest all-Hawaiian chocolate on the market, made in very small batches.”

— Food & Wine.

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Lonohana Chocolate

O'ahu, Hawaii

For the past 12 years, Lonohana Estate Chocolate has been farming cacao on the North Shore of O’ahu in Hawaii. Rarely is chocolate made by the same people or even in the same country where the cacao is grown. They are a small, family-owned company with the goal sharing how this cherished food can be honestly and peacefully grown in complete transparency, and hand- crafted into fine chocolate.

Lonohana is 100% Hawaii-grown cacao with :

• Small batch chocolate bars celebrating flavors of Hawaii
• Restoring Hawaii’s ‘ ̄aina (land) through regenerative agroforestry
• Handcrafted in Honolulu using solar power

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