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Kad Kokoa Chocolate

“Upon unfolding the beautiful origami-like wrapper and taking that first bite, you’ll bask in the subtle flavors that inspire Kad Kokoa’s revolutionary work. Each bar has its own essence, offering a unique flavor exclusive to the cacao’s region.”

Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine.

Kad Kokoa Chocolate


Kad Kokoa Chocolate is the brainchild of two corporate lawyers from Bangkok who left the office for the vibrant colors of the Thai countryside. After regularly visiting farms and mountains to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, they learned about authentic Thai cacao varieties and the local farmers who grew them. The couple naturally became inspired to embark on a sweet chocolate journey, getting their hands dirty and making chocolate from Thai grown cacao trees.

Kad Kokoa is a premium bean-to-bar chocolate maker from Thailand. Specializing in crafting chocolate made exclusively from locally grown cacao beans, they wish to introduce their wonderful Thai terroirs and their unique flavours to the world. They are Dedicatedly Thai because they believe that they are committed and supportive to the beauty of each cacao origin in Thailand. They believe in their local and sustainable agriculture, their people and their chocolate.

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