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“If it’s good for your palate, it cannot be bad for your soul.”

 Bonnat Chocolatier’s motto since 1884.

Bonnat Chocolate

Bonnat Chocolate

Voiron, France.

Liqueur-makers, confectioners, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers… For centuries, the Bonnat family has combined their life so completely with the ancient professions of sugar and plants, that their expertise has become a strong, natural culture, where eating good food and eating well are one and the same.

The Bonnat family have shared their passion for chocolate since 1884, and generations of parents and children have continued to work together to provide the warmest welcome and the best taste and quality ever since. It’s plain to see that the secrets of Bonnat Chocolate run throughout the unique history of this family of creators and artisans.

If you are looking for some of the best bean to bar chocolate in the world, Bonnat is one of your best chocolate makers. Our unique bars come from single origins and are all made in France, certified Kosher, alcohol free and the packaging is simply beautiful.

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