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Maker of the Month

Svenska Chocolate

Save 20% Off all Svenska Chocolate Bars and Bundles

Ends: August 31, 2022

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Curated Craft Chocolate Boxes

Save big with our premium, expertly-curated high end Chocolate Boxes made by some of the world’s best bean to bar chocolate makers. If you like eating dark chocolate with single origin cocoa beans, pick yours today and enjoy, or give it as a Chocolate Gift for Valentine’s, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion. We offer FREE SHIPPING and quick delivery on all boxes of craft chocolate.

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Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Subscribe for 6 months and get 20% Off. Subscribe for 3 months and get 15% Off.
Premium Chocolate Bars, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery. 

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Our Award-Winning Chocolate Makers

Choc Exchange is obsessed with discovering the world’s most extraordinary, ethically-sourced, high quality craft chocolate bars. We work with only the finest chocolate bean to bar chocolate makers who are just as passionate about cocoa beans as we are!

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Check-In with the C/X Stories

Receive 20% Off all Ritual Chocolate Bars and Bundles

A Conversation with Nat Bletter of Madre Chocolate

Just by looking at Madre Chocolate’s array of chocolate bars, you can tell the founder is someone with endless curiosity. The flavor combinations take inspiration from Latin America and Southeast Asia, and the dark chocolate bars are made with cacao from single farms in Hawaii. What ties it all together is Nat Bletter, who spent years studying the use of…

A Conversation with Mark Gerrits of Óbolo Chocolate

Mark Gerrits is a connector. After two decades living and working in South America, he launched Óbolo Chocolate as a way to bring the flavor of cacao from the Peruvian Amazon to his adopted home of Chile. I caught up with him on a call as he took a break from the Christmas preparations in his chocolate factory and shop…

This Chocolate is Your Passport to Vietnam

You might not be able to book a flight to Vietnam this year, but you can travel there on the taste of these chocolate bars. Vacationing in Southeast Asia calls to mind images of fresh coconuts on sunny beaches or motorbikes winding around mountainous plateaus, not necessarily chocolate factories. So you might not have guessed that Vietnam is the home…

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • As an avid chocolate lover, I am always looking for the next favorite bar. Since I was gifted a subscription last year, I have discovered so many unique and flavorful chocolates I had never even known about. I specially appreciate the tasting guide that comes in each box which gives me an idea of the story and process that goes into each chocolate bar,
    Marnie S.
  • If we were to rate the taste of these next-level gourmet chocolate bars, they would have no less than 5 out of 5 stars. Our Chocolate Exchange Box is something my wife and I look forward to each month. Thanks so much for satisfying our sweet tooth.
    Candice R.
  • I ordered a subscription for a friend to enjoy during the holidays and months beyond. The craft chocolates tasted great and had lots of variety, especially considering the affordable price-point for these types of gourmet chocolate. These make an excellent gift because not only will you brighten up someone's day but also you'll remind them of what real premium chocolate tastes like.
    Mike W.
  • I have been a Choc Exchange subscriber for almost 9 months now and I must tell you, the quality, the variety and the taste are out of this world. They keep sending new and unique bars every month and my wife devour them. We typically pair them with wine and cheese. So good. I highly recommend Choc Exchange chocolate subscriptions.
    Joaquin M.